Technology: There Is No Avoiding It

Reblogged from HuffPost’s The BLOG

Almost everywhere you go, there is a smartphone, camera, laptop and the ever-so popular tablets.

More and more people every day are magnets to the “next big thing,” whether it be a new gaming system or new type of cell phone, and now, even toddlers play with kid tablets. Is this the kind of generation we want?

My school just completely switched into a “flipped learning” school, and we do most of our work on iPads. We use so many different apps — some I haven’t even heard of. I’ve seen firsthand the awful effects of this in the classroom.

Students across school have voiced their hatred towards the iPad program, either it being too complicated to turn in work, or the risk of them getting damaged or their work getting accidentally deleted. There are so many problems with them, especially if you forget it one day. The one day I did not have my iPad — after it shattered and I didn’t have $20 for a copay — I felt like I just wasted the day.

The fact that everyone including myself are so dependent on technology is just getting way out of hand…