A Teacher Gets a Post Card and Responds

Reblogged from MEAMatters: The Mackinac Center and Why It’s Trying to Destroy the MEA

My letter to the Mackinac Center. Feel free to share/copy, etc. But if you get a postcard, SEND IT BACK!

To the Mackinac Center for Public Policy:
First I just have to say, your name is laughable. From what I can see, you are as concerned about the “public” as the spider is for the welfare of the fly. You see the public—common people—like teachers and their unions, as a nuisance. You represent predatory business and political entities that care little for the general public.

I received your postcard in the mail today and I found myself asking these questions: Why do you care if I am in a union or not? Why would you bother to try and convince me to “opt-out”? Why waste all of that time and money on convincing little old me to opt-out of my union? And these questions led me to the real question: What are you so afraid of??

I must admit (if I were an uneducated moron), the postcard would have been well done. I especially love the condescending manner in which you assume all teachers spend the summer at the “ballpark” or at “the lake.” Yes, because all of us are rolling in wealth and own summer homes on various lakes around the state. I think you have teachers confused with YOUR membership. Read the rest…