Memo to Three-Year-Old Slackers

Another post from Peter Greene’s CURMUDGUCATION

To: American Three-Year-Olds
From: America’s Education Reform Thought Leaders’
Re: Get to work, you lazy slackers

It has come to our attention that your older brothers and sisters have been showing up to Kindergarten completely unprepared for the requirements of a rigorous education. It is time to nip this indolent behavior in the bud. You probably don’t even know what ‘indolent” means, do you? Dammit– this is exactly why Estonia and Singapore are challenging the US for world domination!

It’s time for you to understand– the party is over. We waited patiently for you to get potty trained and weaned off breast feeding on your own schedule, and that was probably a mistake because it led you to believe that you could just do things when you’re good and ready. Well, no more. We’re on to you. We saw you spend all that time crawling instead of walking because walking was just tooo haaard. Wah, wah, wah. We’re done coddling you. The state has a schedule for you, and you are damn well going to get with it. You got to float around all free and easy in your Mommy’s non-rigorous womb, and that’s enough time off for anyone. Read the rest>>