From Esquire Politics Blog

To paraphrase from my grandmother, the former shepherd lass from the hills and hollows of north Kerry, who the fck is Campbell Brown when she’s at home?

…She is married to Baghdad Dan Senor, one of the most conspicuous prevaricators in the employ of the late Avignon Presidency. (This will become important later on, as we shall see.) She also spent a year teaching English in Czechoslovakia, which I guess qualifies her for her current job, being a public spokesperson for the latest attempt to privatize American public education…

…So Brown is now out there shilling for the latest “reform” scheme — using the courts to bust the teacher’s unions and to deny public school teachers the freely-bargained rights to due process that ensure that they will not be altogether subject to the whims of local school board fanatics.

…Quite simply, Campbell Brown is not in this for the kids. She’s running a con on behalf of some pretty shady people. (Singer, for one, has a disreputable history of looting entire impoverished countries for his own benefit.) Because of this, she doesn’t really have to know what the fck she’s talking about, which is good, because she pretty plainly doesn’t.

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