Is Watching The View Dangerous to Your Health?

Warning: Best read out loud with a sarcastic and snarky tone.

Recently on The View, Whoopi Goldberg attempted to make a connection between teacher tenure and a guaranteed lifetime teaching job. We all know tenure allows for due process during a firing, not permanent employment. As Peter Greene pointed out, tenure isn’t a firing protection—it’s actually a defense against the threat of firing. A teacher can stand up for what is right when they are told, “Do this or I will fire you.”

Also on The View is anti-vaccine wacko Jenny McCarthy.  It appears parents are refusing vitamin K injections for their newborns because they think it is a vaccine. Low vitamin K can cause brain bleeds in newborns.

If I used the connect-the-dots logic of education reform idiotlogues, I would conclude that people who are uninformed about tenure cause brain bleeds. But I can’t stoop that low, so I’ll say watching The View isn’t dangerous to your health. Although it might cause depression, which Scientology can help you with…


Joseph M. Rathke, President of the Ida Education Association