Koch Brothers Get an Ear Full on Its FaceBook Page

Reblogged from MEAMatters

The Koch Brother front group Americans for Prosperity recently added a “Take a vacay from the MEA” post to its FaceBook page. Members were not pleased.

Repeating the Mackinac Center’s postcard insult that school employees spend the summer at the beach, the suggestion that being a freeloader is like being on vacation was too much.

A sample of the long, ever-growing list of comments:

Lori Stone My union protected me from being targeted by my administration the same year I was chosen teacher of the year by my colleagues. I wouldn’t trade MEA for a 50% raise.

Mark Sleep Why do you care AFP? Whose prosperity are you for? Unions help the middle class bargain for prosperity. Why should non payers free load off paying members? This is nothing but a scam to weaken workers voices in the political arena.

Carl Amos Americans for Prosperity is an organization created by the Koch brothers. Its goal is to misinform Americans and destroy the working class.

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