ACT Report Finds ACT Really Important


Okay kids. Here’s today’s lesson in critical thinking (which, as you may have heard, is built right into the heart and sinew of the Common Core).

When a business releases a study showing the importance and effectiveness of that business’s product, is there a possibility that the study might be aimed at something other than Telling the Whole Truth?

The folks at ACT must be really sweating these days. Their competitors at the College Board have scored a couple of coups, including A) hiring the well-connected author of the CCSS ELA standards, David Coleman and B) getting state and federal governments to adopt their line of AP products as the official education product of the US government. So the ACT people are in need of some realmPR work.

So they are here to report on the national level of college readiness.

This report provides the ACT folks with a great chance to let us know what they’ve been up to as they desperately try to grab some market share work to make US education sweller. Read more>>