Field Guide to Anti-Teacher Trolls

Reblogged from HuffPost’s Education Blog

The ongoing online debates about American public education have attracted all manner of commentator, from passionate defenders of traditional public education to dedicated reformsters. And, of course, teacher-bashing trolls.

Not that everyone who disagrees with teachers is some sort of troll. It’s a big Internet, with plenty of room for many opinions. But from mainstreamish media like Slate, to the usual bloggy outposts, to The Huffington Post (motto “Providing the fertilizer from which a thousand trolls can grow”), teacher bashing trollery is in high gear.

There’s a difference between debating and baiting. And taking a big trolly club to teachers seems to be particularly enticing. So as you stroll the education blogs, here’s a field guide to the basic varieties of Internet teacher-haters you may encounter. (And remember — don’t feed them.) Read about the trolls>>