Assistant principal who secretly changed son’s grades gets $7,000 fine

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Teachers can lose their jobs if their students don’t do well enough on standardized tests. An assistant principal in New York City who secretly changed 11 of his own son’s test scores and class grades received a $7,000 fine but still remains employed by the Education Department.

The New York Daily News explains in this story that New York City Conflicts of Interest Board set the fine for  Abdurrahim Ali of the Bread and Roses Integrated Arts High School in Manhattan after he admitted to going into the school’s computer systems and boosting 11 of his son’s test scores and class grades between June 2012 and last January. You can see the board’s official explanation of its actions below.

The complaint names the assistant principal as Abdurrahim Ali. The school’s website lists Ali Abdur-Rahim as an assistant principal. The Daily News reported that he has been reassigned. According to the newspaper, Ali had been accused of changing the grades of a number of athletes at the school, including his son, when their academic results began to suffer… Read the rest>>