Dear Parents, Teachers cannot protect your children from well financed abusers.

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I truly admire Peggy Robertson, and you should, too. Why?

As an active teacher she openly admits that it takes parents to stop the dismantling of public education by Corporate Education Reform multinational investors disguised as social reformers attempting to help children. High stakes testing of any brand name that complies with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) harms our children.

Here is an excerpt from her “must read and share” article:
“What is happening is evil, cruel and abusive. Refuse the tests and deny the corporations the profit, deny the district, state and federal government your child’s data (which they can share with corporations), deny the publishing companies the opportunity to create more common core products. Without the data, the profit ends and we have an opportunity to reclaim our public schools, our profession. We have an opportunity to do what is right for all children.”
– Peggy Robertson

As a mom, Peggy sees students from the perspective of both sides of the desk and from the standpoint of a parent/teacher who wants wants the best from a teacher/parent. (You do the mind reversals involved with this!) Read more>>