TNTP’s Teacher Pay Proposal Is Dopey

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I picked the title because I didn’t want to make you wade through this whole post just to get to my bottom line. That’s one thing I learned from reading the TNTP report “Shortchanged: The Hidden Cost of Lockstep Teacher Pay” The other thing I learned is that you can’t be afraid to recycle the same old shinola with a spiffy new spin. I can promise you that you probably won’t find a thing in this post that I haven’t said before. But I can be just as relentless as TNTP. So let’s crack open this report and see what creamy nougat is inside.


Money is really important. Followed by an abstract of what’s to come.

Why lockstep pay doesn’t work

Because it doesn’t include any punishments for being bad or rewards for being good. And by rewards, we mean money. Because why else would anybody want to do a good job, except to get more money? Read more>>