As a public school teacher, I choose to be in my union

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Teacher unions have received their share of accusations just like any other unionized workforce. There has been a push this year to get more teachers to opt out of union membership, which had to be done in August. In my experience, I have seen teacher unions do more to aid in the education of students than any politician. In a line, teacher unions give teachers a voice in the massive political wheel of education reform.

There are many influences in the education game from publishers and test administers to ideologues trying to make sweeping polarized changes to schools. How does one teacher have a voice in politics today? The cold fact is that one person has the power to vote or maybe the power to influence, but it is the power to organize that leads to meaningful political weight. If politicians are going to continuously reform schools, then teachers must be part of that conversation in Lansing and Washington.

Teacher unions do not protect bad teachers, they are not selfish, and they absolutely do not put their own salaries before students. Teacher unions fight for the teaching profession and everything that goes along with it. I believe that teachers should have safe working conditions because it means safe learning conditions for students. Read more>>