A Call to Action from a Badass Teacher

Reblogged from Badass Teachers Association

At some point something has to give, something has to break inside every one of us. At what point are you ready to say that it’s time to either sit behind your computer screen and whine about a problem that you claim to be horrified by (or worse, ignore it all together hoping it will go away) or finally get up out of your seat, feel the surge of justified ire and a need to go take solid and well-planned action against serious wrongs fill your veins? At what point do you decide to stop being a meek, uneasy sheep who is afraid of what might happen as a result of your disagreement with what is and rise to the occasion as a duty to your high standards? At what juncture do you decide to make your mind, abilities and life count for something more than the status quo or simply “good enough” for your kids, familial and classroom? What is your threshold of tolerance for blatant wrongdoing? Sometimes, some days, you MUST ask yourself those questions…
As an educator, a parent and a human being, I find myself asking those questions more and more, each day that crawls by. Read more>>