Can We Be Less Nice, Please and Thank You?


I recently stumbled across a blog by mommy/teacher Katie Knight. It’s an interesting read in that we appear to come from completely opposite ends of the bloggy spectrum. “Teacher to the Core” is awash in pink and is so precious that it nearly sent me into sugar shock, and Mrs. Knight is the sort of woman who has tiny dogs that she calls her children. Not saying that’s a terrible thing, but it’s surely not me.

That said, Knight is no dummy, and her blog includes the kind of filter-free blogging that makes for an authentic read. And the blog has 2300 followers (plus 6K plus on facebook), so there can be no doubt that if we’re going to get in a validation-by-audience contest, she is going to kick my ass.

Well, if she did that sort of thing.

Knight is nice. Way nice. The post that I linked to above caught my attention because it underlines one of the ways that we as teachers really don’t help ourselves. Read more>>