Protest Dale Zorn at Dundee Town Hall

This Wednesday, October 29th, Dale Zorn will be in your backyard holding a “town hall” in an attempt to white-wash his record.  Join us for a rally because we know what is at stake. 

Dale Zorn not only voted to cut $1 Billion from K-12 schools while raising taxes on seniors and middle class families, Zorn also voted to raise his own pay and the pay of fellow politicians 4 times!

TELL Dale Zorn He’s Wrong!

JOIN US!  Stand with the team and hold Dale Zorn accountable!

WHEN: Wednesday, October 29th, at 5:30 PM

WHERE: 110 Cabela Blvd. East, Dundee

 dale zorn protest

Thank you so much for your continued support, and everything you do!

-Alan Fosnacht

Michigan Democratic Party

PS – Signs will be provided