A Study In Irony: Government Outsourcing

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…Let’s examine the irony for a moment. For many years, the Republican Party has advocated for privatization and the Democratic Party has vehemently opposed it. After all, when you boil it down, the modern GOP believes in the purity of the private sector and has an instinctual distrust of government. The Democratic Party believes in the purity of government and has an instinctual distrust of the private sector. But in reality, that line of thinking makes no sense…

…Think about it. If you have a lucrative government contract, and your goal – and fiduciary responsibility – is to maximize profits to return to your shareholders, wouldn’t you have an interest to create more services, not fewer? Higher bills, not lower ones?

…When I call 9-1-1, I don’t want to get put on hold because of cutbacks, and I want the paramedic to show up with the equipment needed to save my life, not what makes the most business sense. And when I want to treat myself to a ridiculously large soda, I don’t want the government to tell me I can’t… Read more>>