The Koch Brothers, Dark Money and the Mackinac Center

From MEAMatters

The Koch brothers are one of the Mackinac Center’s funders, this has been known for years, thanks to relatively small donations made by one of their foundations, the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation. This funding has always suggested that the Kochs were funneling much more corporate money, but the IRS refuses to make these corporate tax returns public

But as the Koch influence on national politics has grown over the years, their spending has become an increasingly difficult secret to keep. For example, in the final week of the 2014 election, the brothers invested $6.5 million on behalf of just 6 Republican Senate candidates. As their role in Republican politics gets more widely known, their targets are willing to point this out. The Kochs are so active that associating Republican candidates to them has become almost routine.

There’s been so much of this lately, that the Koch Brothers have begun a PR campaign to improve their image. These include TV commercials featuring Koch employees that served in the military and now newspaper Op Eds placed by surrogates extolling the many virtues of the Koch Brothers. Read more>>