An account of exactly how students cheated on SAT in Asia

From the Answer Sheet 

Counselors at international schools in Asia are reporting allegations of cheating on the Oct. 11 administration of the SAT in more countries than the two that were the original focus of an investigation — and one counselor said he was struck by the “ease at which one can cheat.”

On Wednesday, the Educational Testing Service said it had withheld the scores from the test for students in Korea and China because of allegations of cheating. In its statement, it strongly denounced organizations that work to get copies of the test in advance and then pass them on to students for a profit — a problem that has existed with the administration of the SAT in Asia for years. Just last year, there were two episodes of suspected cheating, one in October involving allegations in Korea that questions from earlier tests were obtained by “cram schools” and given to students before they took the exam. And in May 2013, the College Board canceled the May 2013 administration of the SAT and SAT Subject Tests throughout South Korea because of a leak of test questions — the first time the test had been canceled in an entire country. Read more>>