Chipotle Mexican Grill & Charter School

Reblogged from Blue Cereal Education

We still hear from time to time that public schools could learn a few things from successful private businesses. If so, why not Chipotle Mexican Grill?

For the analogy to work, of course, we’d need to make a few minor adjustments.First and foremost, diners heretofore will be required to eat at Chipotle almost exclusively. A special few may be allowed to go to Abuelo’s or Chuy’s, but there aren’t enough of those to go around – so maybe some sort of lottery would have to be involved.

Everyone else MUST eat there, and every day – whether they want to or not. The staff will have to deal with these unwilling customers and be fully accountable for their dining happiness and success. There are vegetables in those pans for a reason, young lady!

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