A Call for a Nationwide Bubble Protest

Reblogged from Diane Ravitch’s Blog

A reader suggests a massive way to resist standardized testing:

“I am not sure are[sic] where to post this but today I had an idea. I have been teaching in a MD public high school for many years. I have been a loyal reader of this blog for two years but never commented before. Today at an excruciating, propaganda filled faculty meeting at my school, we were informed of how for three weeks in March our school would stop functioning as a school and instead become a branch of Pearson Education as we administer the PARCC. Seriously, no normal instruction for weeks. Next when someone had the gumption to ask about the OPT OUT movement, we were told that it was against MD state law to opt out and if asked, tell parents and students exactly that.

“Thus, my idea. Why not start a nationwide movement of civil disobedience. Read more>>