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Refuse to be a willing victim.

There is a point where teachers themselves must stop arguing about some finely worded minutia in their evaluations. The argument had been framed beforehand by people who want career educators fired in order to hire cheaper labor.
You were set-up to be the loser.

Refuse to be a willing victim.

How? Fight back.

Stop sniveling, whimpering and simpering. Put your evaluation reality in writing.

“How dare you evaluate my teaching ability based upon developmentally inappropriate standardized test scores while forcing me to teach to these expensive, invalid tests you have never seen.”

How dare you RR

This is just one example of what to attach as a rebuttal to your evaluation. Personalize your own.

The majority of people who pay taxes to support a school district need to know what is going on from the career teachers who are being abused with rigged evaluations.

Teachers, especially those of you who are losing your jobs now or soon, need to face the reality. You were publicly shamed and unfairly fired. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Fight back by starting a personal lawsuit, not a collective bargaining suit. Your career and salary are over. You personally are the victim of defamation of character, libel, slander, etc. You have suffered by being unjustly maligned, reviled, abused, vilified, and abused. You have been labeled a loser for all potential jobs in your future. Those people who repeated, verbally and in writing, that you deserved to lose your job need to be held accountable.

Sue their sorry butts off.

Who should you sue? Every individual who took part in your defamatory evaluation: the person who wrote it, the principal, every administrator who touched or filed it, the superintendent who signed on to it, and every individual board member who wrote or verbally repeated your name. Read more>>