Flint’s water crisis another example of how Gov. Snyder seems incapable of admitting mistakes

Reblogged from Michigan Radio

One of the things I most dislike about most politicians is their unwillingness to admit when they’ve screwed up.

Take Dennis Williams, the leader of the United Auto Workers union. He and his lieutenants were so out of touch with the membership that they negotiated a contract that the angry workers rejected by almost two to one.

Yesterday, when the results were in, Williams said. “We don’t consider this a setback,” we consider this “part of the process.”

Imagine Bo Schembechler saying that after losing.

Of course this was a setback and an embarrassing one; Williams just doesn’t have the guts to admit it.

But this pales in comparison to what Governor Rick Snyder said yesterday.

Snyder, even more than most politicians, seems incapable of admitting mistakes.

We saw that in his stubborn clinging for months to Aramark, the appallingly incompetent food service contractor, who he didn’t finally fire until long after even his aides urged him to do so. And we are seeing it now in Flint, where people are being poisoned by the water.

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