Facts about NEA’s Primary Recommendation Process

What is NEA’s Process for Recommending a Candidate?

• NEA has followed a longstanding, carefully considered process to decide whether — and when — to support a candidate for President of the United States. This process is outlined in NEA’s PAC guidelines and operating procedures.

• NEA President recommends that the PAC Council consider a presidential recommendation. • A presidential primary election recommendation must be proposed to the NEA Board of Directors by a majority of the 74-member NEA PAC Council. 58% support is needed from the NEA Board.

• Presidential general election recommendations are taken up and voted on by the RA delegates. The vote will need 58% support from the delegates.

• In order to be considered for a recommendation, a candidate must complete a questionnaire and sit for an in-person, videotaped interview with the NEA president.

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NEA Primary Recomendation Process 10-01-15