Sorry. Not Sorry.

Reblogged from A Dog with a Bone

The Obama administration believes in balancing how sorry they are with how little sorry  the public will go for… always short of the  real course correction that would make friends of adversaries.   Clearly, they need a scripted curriculum.  Here’s what making amends should look like:
Dear America,
We realize that there’s something wrong with a government that seeks to change society by attacking its own people,  and we want to apologize. We know that the real #beliefgap is the one that has developed in you.  You want to know where’s the change you can believe in.  Well, we’d like some better conversation and we have decided to start that better conversation with making amends.  Here goes:
Dear America, we’re sorry for…
  •  weaponized testing;
  • experimenting on the public without their consent;
  • blackmailing whole states through their coffers;
  • evaluating the college and career readiness of five year olds. Read more>>