Will the Koch Brothers Target Your School Board Next?

Reblogged from MEAMatters

To the Koch brothers, “free markets” depend on smaller and therefore weaker government. And you’d think an outfit like theirs would focus on the biggest government, and spend its time spending vast amounts of money designed to shrink the federal government.

And they do, but they don’t stop there. The Kochs direct their attack at government in all its forms. From the Michigan House of Representatives, most notably by buying everything from airtime to a rental tent on the Capitol lawn to support the sudden push to enact Right to Work in 2012, to even school elections, including a recent one in Grand Rapids.

Before the November 3, 2015 election, the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity spent $23,271.23 to defeat a Grand Rapids school bond proposal designed to renovate and replace aging buildings, upgrade technology and improve the security of the schools. This included a usual AFP tactic: dishonest robo calls. Read more>>