Plymouth-Canton Teachers Reject Proposed Contract

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It’s back to the bargaining table after Plymouth-Canton teachers rejected Monday a proposed two-year contract by a majority of 73 percent of the 950 members who voted.

“They thought it was collectively time to send a message,” said Bob Williams, president of the Plymouth-Canton Education Association, which represents the teachers.

Following a theme of “Supported teachers make successful students,” some 15 teachers, former teachers and parent supporters took turns Tuesday night explaining to the P-CCS Board of Education the difficulties of living on wages that have not kept pace with the economy nor allow teachers to adequately support their families or repay student loans.

Despite the overwhelming rejection of the proposed contract, speakers expressed an understanding of the difficulties with state financing of public education. But teachers told the school board they could no longer continue to accept pay freezes and lower wages because the state requires a balanced budget that does not require budgeting for steps up in salaries. Read more>>