Koch Industries Buys Its Way Into Public School Classrooms

Reblogged from MEAMatters

hile it’s well known the Koch brothers are leading funders of corporate politicians, as well as right wing think tanks like the Mackinac Center, it’s less well known that they have a growing interest in education.

This includes essentially buying university programs, including programs in Floridaand Kansas, and more recently in North Carolina, and through their faux grassroots group, Americans for Progress, heavily funding local school board races.

It recently came to light that  Koch Industries Chairman David Koch is directing a non-profit created to conduct public school classes designed to instill free market principles:

To accomplish this, an existing Koch non profit, Youth Entrepreneurs, was re-purposed by a group inside Koch Industries calling itself the “Wu-Teach Clan,” evidently taking their names from the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan.

Their imagined hipness does not extend to their internet savvy: their work became public when everything they produced (including email exchanges with David Koch) was discovered in an online Google Group, to which they failed to restrict public access.

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