It’s Not Easy Teaching Special Ed

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It’s getting harder and harder to find quality special education teachers, which is why 49 out of 50 states report shortages.

Why? It’s a tough sell.

Even if you’re up for the low pay and noisy classrooms, special education adds another challenge: crushing paperwork.

This is something I understand first hand. You see, I was a special education teacher and I just couldn’t hack it. Though I’m somewhat ashamed to admit it, I only lasted a year in the classroom.

I chose special education for what felt like the right reason. I wanted to help the students who struggle to learn. But I soon realized that was only a part of the job.

The paperwork, the meetings, the accountability. Eventually it got to me. I couldn’t do it all and I got tired of showing up to a job I knew I couldn’t do. It’s that simple.

So, as I’ve been looking into the teacher shortage it hasn’t felt like a revelation that people are leaving the profession. I get it. Read more>>