‘Sickout’ closes nearly 60 Detroit public schools today

Reblogged from the Detroit Free Press

Nearly 60 Detroit schools are closed this morning due to sickouts as teachers continue an organized protest of what they describe as deplorable teaching conditions in Detroit Public Schools.

The district around 7 a.m. today updated its Facebook page to announce 38 additional schools closed because of a high number of teacher absences. Last night, the district had announced 20 schools to be closed.

A group of teachers called Detroit Strikes To Win met Sunday night to discuss the sickouts and a possible district-wide strike. The group, led by ousted teacher union president Steve Conn, is upset with what they call the ruination of the school system by the state.

At a news conference this morning, officials from the Detroit Federation of Teachers called on the district to hold public hearings so teachers can air their concerns. Members held up pictures they said showed broken windows and mold in some buildings. They also talked about overcrowded classes, rodents, and lack of materials.

“The situation in the Detroit Public Schools is far worse than we ever imagined,” said Ivy Bailey, the interim president of the union, who likened the conditions to what you would see in a third world country. Read more>>