This was the way public sector unions had to go down, if they do go down #Friedrichs

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… As educators, let us not forget that a host of other professions are also unionized. This is therefore not a direct attack on teachers, per se, although it can feel that way given the ridicule teachers have been facing over many years. Law enforcement, nurses, and even pipe-fitters all stand to lose something if “agency fees” are struck down.

Of all the professionals, however, that had to challenge the fundamental ability of public sector unions to fund themselves, in open court, it had to be a group of teachers.


… After 16 years in education, several of those with clear eyes and ears turned towards activism, I’ve worked with and spoken to a lot of teachers. As an activist trying to get people riled up about some of the attacks against their profession, I’ve been absolutely stupefied by the apathy. I’ve been surprised by the ignorance and complete and total lack of will to do anything to improve their lot. Attending union meetings myself, in my context, I’ve been totally disappointed by the griping, and bitching, and moaning about THE STUPIDEST stuff you can ever imagine. You know what, maybe you should just quit and do us all a favor!

I’ve also known some teachers who’ll step over their grandmother to get in with the principal. They’ll tattle and gossip and glad hand and brown-nose like no one’s business. No, it had to be teachers. It HAD to be a group of teachers to shoot themselves in the feet, like they’ve been doing since 2001. This was the way unions HAD to go down.

And if you take me for some self-hating, self-loathing, and cynical individual who hates his own job, you’d be wrong. I’d like to think it takes a lot of sand to get up and do what I do every day … Read more>>