After Coming Under Fire for All Calling In Sick on Same Day, Detroit Teachers Post These Photos

Reblogged from Independent Journal

A public school system mired in massive debt and aging facilities had another issue last week.

Teachers in the Detroit Public School system staged a “sick-out” Monday which closed 64 of the city’s 97 schools.

According to Fox2 News, DPS Emergency manager Darnell Earley wrote in a statement:

“This sick out resulted in more than 31,000 students missing a day of instruction, and potentially placing more than a million dollars in per pupil funding in jeopardy… It is counter intuitive to everyone’s efforts to move this District forward when we send the message to the rest of the state and the nation that was sent today.”

Now, organizers of the “sick-out” are bombarding Twitter with images of what they claim show “the deplorable environment where DPS students are expected to learn.”

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