Home Depot and Unions

Reblogged from DAILY KOS

I took a job at Home Depot and was made to watch their various training videos. At one point, they start off one that sounds fairly innocuous. It’s called something like “The Value of Your Signature”. It quickly descends into anti-union rhetoric.

I saw a variation of the one above. All of the actors are the same, the main difference is the guy who introduces all of it — I assume they update the video with whoever is in charge at the time.

Frankly, I was amazed by the video and had to stifle myself from guffawing or commenting. I have no idea how anyone else in the room felt about it.

You can watch it for yourself, but the general idea is that unions are “outsiders” (their words, they use this terminology constantly) who don’t get Home Depot’s “culture” and apparently go to great strides to infiltrate it. Read more>>