To Rebuild ‘The Collapse Of Parenting,’ It’s Going To Be A Challenge

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As many know, parenting isn’t an easy job. It can be hugely frustrating and even lonely trying to figure out what’s best for your kid. Should you be a taskmaster or a best friend? Is there a middle ground? The pressures of full-time work and round-the-clock activities can make that question even more challenging to tackle.

Dr. Leonard Sax has experience in guiding these relationships as a family physician and psychologist in Pennsylvania. His new book, The Collapse Of Parenting: How We Hurt Our Kids When We Treat Them Like Grown Ups is informed Sax’s personal and professional observations.

“That’s what motivated it, but this is not a rant. It’s not a sermon,” he says, adding that his book is grounded in more than 4,000 studies.

In an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin, Dr. Sax discusses what he sees as a widespread trend of dissolving healthy relationships between kids and their parents.

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