Teachers tell parents how to help their kids be better students

Reblogged from Lifestyle by Mari-Jane Williams at The Washington Post

Thousands of students in the Washington area are heading back to school in the coming days, and teachers are preparing to shape a fresh set of young minds. They would like to politely influence some older minds, as well. Parents can learn a lesson or two from teachers about what their kids’ instructors want in the upcoming year. We asked teachers in several local school systems what parents can do, beyond reading with their kids, to help their children be better students. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Let your child see you making mistakes

Karen Stamp, a kindergarten teacher at Marshall Elementary School in Prince William County, said parents need to remember “that they are their child’s first teacher and their lifetime teacher.” Part of being a lifetime teacher, she said, is teaching your child how to deal with making mistakes.

“Make mistakes, and let them see that you can make mistakes and laugh at it so they will think it’s not a big deal and you can move on easily,” Stamp said.

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