DPS House legislation is an insult

Reblogged from the Detroit Free Press

What is the state House of Representatives thinking?

Wait, that one’s too easy. The House is thinking that because Detroit Public Schools’ needs are so urgent — the state’s largest school district could run out of cash in April if the Legislature doesn’t act on a reform plan mulled by Gov. Rick Snyder for almost a year — this is a fine time to tie a raft of noxious, anti-union, anti-Detroit addenda to a reform package the Legislature must pass in order to keep the district’s doors open.

So we’ll ask a different question: Are the Republican leaders of the state House of Representatives so craven, so insensible to the fact that their work affectschildren, that they’d risk the futures of the 47,000 souls enrolled in DPS with a slate of ideologically driven “reforms” sure to divide any vote along party lines?

Sadly, we know the answer to that. Read more>>