Mom Creates Periodic Table Battleship Game To Teach Her Kids Chemistry

Reblogged from Life Handbook at the Huffington Post

Think all creative teaching methods argon? Think again!

A neon light went on over one mom’s head when she thought of a brilliant way to teach her kids chemistry — a periodic table version of the game Battleship.

“I came up with the idea because we play Battleship a lot at our house,” Karyn Tripp, a mom of four who has been homeschooling her kids for the past seven years, told The Huffington Post. “I was studying chemistry with my kids and we were trying to think of a fun way to memorize them. So it just came to me!”

Turning a game about sinking naval ships into a learning vessel wasn’t a titanium failure, either. Her kids loved playing the game and her oldest son, 11, is now a huge fan of chemistry.

“He has a poster of the elements on the wall in his bedroom,” Tripp said. “He says his favorite element is Einsteinium because he thinks the name is cool.”

To make the game, Tripp printed out four copies of the periodic table.

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