Member Call to Action: School Calendar Bargaining Prohibition

A bill to prohibit school calendar as a topic of bargaining could pass the House as soon as tomorrow. It’s urgent that school employees, parents, and other education stakeholders in communities across the state contact lawmakers on the issue immediately!

Not only should MEA members call their legislators, but school employees should encourage community members, friends, and family to voice opposition to the loss of local control in educational decision-making represented by House Bill 5194.

Educators are the experts on the front lines, and we know what our students need in terms of a calendar and schedule. Prohibiting calendar from bargaining is yet another example of the state overstepping its role and usurping local authority.

As schools move forward with innovative programs and individualized learning plans, administration and educators need to jointly plan, prepare, and solve problems together to achieve best practices and create an effective learning environment for children.

Please call or email your state representative today to make that case, and encourage others in your community to contact lawmakers as well.

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