The Way “It” Rolls!

Reblogged from A View From The Edge

If you spent any time in the military, you can probably relate to the following scenario.

The Base Commanding General sends a memo to his regimental commanders that he will be conducting a “walk-through” inspection of all units in two months.

Upon receiving this notice, your Regimental Commander releases the following bulletin:



The General will be conducting his annual inspection of all base units in two months. Please don’t give this another thought. I want you to just keep soldiering on and pay no attention to this upcoming inspection. Despite the fact that my career is hanging on the outcome of this review, I don’t see any need to bother you with any pre-inspections.


In fact, I am encouraging my subordinate leaders to not waste any of your valuable training time preparing for this event and to simply pretend like this inspection isn’t going to happen. If we all just focus on doing our jobs well, the inspection will take care of itself. You’ll always be more than an inspection result to me.


However, please don’t misunderstand me—heads will roll if we do poorly. So, don’t screw this up or you’ll be crushed like a bug.


Anyhow, good luck, I trust you’ll do your best.

Uh, okay, that has NEVER happened in the history of the world.

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