The Summer Reading Rigor Rebellion


If middle school students require summer reading assignments to coax them to read, shouldn’t we be looking at what went wrong with reading instruction in elementary school? By the time a student reaches middle school, shouldn’t they like to read?

Yesterday I noticed some of these summer reading assignments posted online. Reading rigor is found everywhere.

But why don’t students jump off the school bus at the end of 6th 7th or 8th grade and race to their local library or bookstore? Why don’t they automatically start reading stories on their tablets, or on the computer?

It is not that older students who dislike reading can’t get help and encouragement to be better, happier readers. It just doesn’t seem like piling on reading assignments over the summer is going to do the trick.

And it could be turning off the students who enjoy reading! Once reading is turned into a chore, it is hard to make it sound enjoyable.

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