What Obama Never Got About Education

Reblogged from Education Opportunity Network

Education may have been mostly left out of this year’s heated presidential election, but that hasn’t stopped the current, outgoing president from shining a spotlight on his education record.

“We’ve made a lot of progress” on education, President Obama recently announced and pointed to record high school graduation rates of 83 percent as proof. Left-leaning operatives inside the Beltway were quick to capitalize on this announcement in order to start the campaign hailing Obama’s education legacy.

Is this a narrative Democrats should hang their hats on as they approach the post-election period, which, with every passing day, looks looked like will would usher in another Democratic party administration?

Every politician wants to be able to point to statistical proof of how effective their policies have been – how many jobs were created, money saved, crimes reduced, etc. Obama is no different in this regard.

But how good really are his education “numbers,” and are Democrats talking about the education numbers that matter most? Read more>>