Pension Attack: Momentum Slows

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Due in large part to the many thousands of contacts made to legislators by school staffers, momentum to pass SB 102 has slowed. But this is lame duck, so this pressure must be maintained.

Some of the work being done throughout the state:

  • Sharing the district by district (both legislative and school district) cost sheet attached to a recent edition of Capitol Comments. Use your district’s school aid cut when you contact your legislator.
  • Share the same with your superintendent and school board members. Ask them to contact their legislators. The school management crowd has been very helpful in fighting this…they understand the school funding stakes very well and are conveying that to lawmakers.
  • Some parts of the state are planning action parties and open houses to bring members and parents together to help them contact legislators.
  • Elsewhere, before school walk-ins have been organized to leaflet parents to encourage them to get active. They soon understand that their school’s budget is at risk.
  • Everywhere members are using social media, sharing these posts and the posts of other supporters. Activity on the various MEAMatters platforms is at an all time high. This kind of leverage can generate massive notice and spreads the word to keep us all informed.

 Don't wait for someone else to fix this: take action!

Got an idea of your own? Share it here and with your UNSERV director.

And stay in touch. We can do this.

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