ACT NOW: House Vote Likely on School Calendar/Schedule Bargaining Prohibition

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Republican leaders in the House are trying to corral enough votes to push through another damaging piece of legislation aimed at public schools – a ban on bargaining school calendar and schedule.

We’re hearing a floor vote could happen as soon as tomorrow – Contact your representative now to urge a NO vote on House Bill 4163.

Lawmakers undoubtedly hope end-of-school-year fatigue will keep educators from speaking up – Let’s make sure our concerns are heard! And share with family, friends, and concerned parents how HB 4163 could prevent issues from being negotiated that affect student learning conditions.

Educators are the experts on the front lines who know what their students and communities need in terms of calendar and schedule. From special schedules, such as exam weeks, to school start and end times, and employees’ shifts and duties – the bargaining process allows for collaboration and problem-solving

The bill could negatively affect a number of issues that influence students’ learning conditions and school employees’ job satisfaction.

  • Teachers could lose prep time used to plan, grade, and collaborate.
  • The bill would impact education support professionals as well, limiting bus drivers’ input in scheduling routes, for example.
  • School hours could be altered without regard for educational needs.
  • Holiday breaks and year-round schools could be established without consulting those who know best what will and won’t work.

Educators need a seat at the table, not constant attacks on their ability to have a voice. At a time when dissatisfied teachers are leaving the profession and the number of college students choosing to enter the field is dwindling, we must do everything in our power to retain and recruit high-quality professionals in education.

We’ve won this fight before—our calls and emails helped to stop this same measure from advancing to a House vote last year. Step up and make a difference, and encourage interested parents and community members to get involved.

Contact your state representative today to say educators are the experts on the front lines, and we know what our students and communities need in terms of calendar and schedule.

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