By killing teacher pensions and striking sweetheart deal, lawmakers go full on Orwell

Reblogged from Michigan Radio by Jack Lessenberry

George Orwell’s classic Cold War novel 1984 depicted a world where everything was controlled by a nightmarish dictatorship where history was constantly being rewritten to suit the needs of the moment, and where the meaning of words was turned into their opposite: War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, et cetera. I was reminded of that yesterday, when I got an Orwellian press release from the governor’s office.
The headline said “Gov. Rick Snyder signs legislation that protects retirement benefits of school employees (and) reduces financial risks for taxpayers.”

Actually, the bill does exactly the opposite.

It further weakens and virtually does away with teacher pensions, a move that costs the state money instead of saving it.

Ironically, Snyder never wanted this bill.

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