Are Children Getting Real Recess?

Children have been in school for awhile. How much recess are they getting? Is their school day overly organized? Are they getting pretend recess–physical education, or some canned program from a digital device?

How many principals are tricking parents into thinking their children are getting real recess?Even preschool parents need to ask this question. There’s been an escalation of micromanaging and technology when it comes to our youngest learners!

Many parents pleaded and fought with legislators and school administrators to get a mere 20 minute break for their children in school. But recess should be a child’s right—a break from schoolwork and time to socialize and play on the playground.

There should be several recess breaks a day. To not give children recess is tantamount to child abuse!

Many strange claims of recess have popped up—most which have not been recess at all.

Source: Are Children Getting Real Recess?